Arrival at Newfoundland Photograph 3

Arrival at Newfoundland Photograph 3

One of the photographs found in the companion Project Newfoundland Photo-book


Project Newfoundland Photo-book

Photations by the Master of Art is creative site that believes that anyone with the desire to create and practice art can become the Master.

 Project Newfoundland is the journey through Canada with the goal of reaching the final destination of Newfoundland.

 This is a pure photography book, simply of photographs.  The first 8 chapter feature photographs shot on Digital 35mm and Chapters 9-25 feature photography from our documentary “Project Newfoundland” and our visual audio book “Pam the Pioneer”, both can be found on our Photations YouTube Channel.

 This journey will begin in Nova Scotia on Cape Breton Island, which is thought to be one of the earliest locations discovered by the Europeans by a man named John Cabot. Then we’ll travel along the island through the Cabot Trail named after him which features incredible mountains, forest and the coast line.

 We’ll continue our journey to Halifax also in Nova Scotia. This location is the hub for shipping vessels coming to North America and has a rich history in the foundation of both Canada and the United State.

 Finally, we’ll take the ferry across the Atlantic Ocean and reach the island of Newfoundland. Here we’ll visit the Arches Provincial Park, Norstead, and Gros Morne National Park

 More photography can be found on our blog . Fine art prints of all sizes can be purchased from our store .  canvas, framed, paper prints as well as keepsakes like puzzles, playing cards and smart phone cases can be found on our store also.

This is the independent film series Project Newfoundland by Photations. This series goes on a journey through out Canada with the Goal of reaching Newfoundland


Live to Tape ASMR

The Relaxing ASMR series from Live to Tape. Story Time will take you on a journey through scenic landscapes while listening to Stories from around the world

Aerial Photograph of Richfield County Park in Early Spring 5

Aerial Photograph of Richfield County Park in Early Spring 5

Aerial Photograph of Richfield County Park in Early Spring 4