Photations (Photographic Animations)

Come with us on a journey that will take you around the world. Even beyond the minds eye. 

Photations is dedicated to award winning photography, in addition to creating computer generated art. Come explore there's something here for everyone

Blog Collection


A collection of photographs from several journeys into Europe. Featuring photographs from Dublin, Cork in Ireland and Rome, Venice, Florence, and Fiseole in Italy.

Photations Mk III

The Third generation of Photations. These short films feature photography from around the world. Combining award winning photography with animation let these film transport you on a  journey you won't want to miss.

Nature Photography

Here is a set of photographs featuring photography of nature and wilderness from all seasons. Explore the miniature macro world to mountains in the wilderness  Enjoy these photographs of the natural world.

Daily Animation

Come explore world beyond the minds eye. Daily Animation features world generated from the imagination and drawing completed  by the computer. These collection features landscapes and art scenes that defy physics and reveal a new level or reality.

Life Photography

Featuring photography that highlight the beauty in every day life. From cityscapes to walks in the park Life Photography captures it all.

Old Master Thoughts

A collection of blog posts featuring thoughts on photography and production as well as reviews of movies that were enjoyable. This blog also includes occasional updates of new content coming to Photations.

Patreon Awareness

If you like the content on this site you can subscribe to our patreon at the $2 a month level. At this level you'll get early access to Photations content and more. Projects get published first to patreon from a month to months in advance before being published publicly. This blog features examples of posts to patreon.

Positive Thought

A collection of photographs and quotes meant to spread positive mental attitude and thought. Positive thought is meant to help raise the mood for a happier environment for everyone.

Youtube Channel highlights

A collection of films from Photations Youtube Channel. Here you an find our classic films and new ones. These include Photations Mk 1 and Mk 2 as well as other films by this site.


This blog has a collection of photographs featuring wildlife from around the world. Animals in their natural environment in the wild. This blog contains animals from South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia and the Galapagos islands in Ecuador.