[Text] Episode One: Two Eyes

[Text] Episode One: Two Eyes

Episode One: Two Eyes

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                  The was a mother who had three daughters. One was named one eye, she only had one eye in the center of her forehead. The second child was named Two Eyes, because she had two eyes. The youngest was named Three Eyes because she had three eyes.

                  Two Eyes looked normal like everyone else and this made her mother and sisters mad. They didn’t like that she was the normal one. And because they didn’t like her, they told her that she was no better than anyone else. So, she didn’t belong to the family.

                  They always pushed Two Eyes around. She never got new clothes. Only the old clothes from her sisters. Two Eyes never ate a meal with the other sisters or her mother. Instead Two Eyes only got scraps of food after the meal was over. Two Eye’s sisters and mother did everything they could to make her life miserable.

                  Two Eyes also had to do most of the chores. One of these was to take care of the goats out in the field. She was always hungry when she went out into the field and one day it was just too much. She fell to the ground and began to cry. When she looked up she saw a woman standing next to her.

                  The woman asked Two Eyes why she was crying and Two Eyes told her. That it was because she had two eyes her mother and sisters hated her and treated her very bad. She told the woman that her sisters only feed her scraps and that they push her around and that they only give her their old used clothes. Then she told the woman that she was starving for food.

                  The woman listening to all of this told Two Eyes to dry her tears and that she had a solution for Two eyes. That this solution will keep Two Eyes from ever being hungry again. The woman told Two Eyes that if Two Eyes tells the goat.  “Little goat if you are able, Pray deck out my table.” Then a Table will appear filled with the best of foods. The woman told Two Eyes that she could eat as much as she liked but when she finished the food make sure to tell the goat. “Little goat, when you are able, remove my nice table.” Then the table will disappear.  After telling Two Eyes all this the woman turned and walked away.

                  Two Eyes was very hungry at the time, so as soon as the woman left she told the goat “Little goat when you are able, pray deck out my table.” After the words left her mouth a beautiful table appeared filled with the most appetizing of food. All as if freshly cooked and still hot. She took a moment to thank god and then she began to eat. She tasted and ate everything and once she was done the turned to the goat and told it ‘Little goat when you’re able, remove my nice table’. In the next moment the table and all its content’s disappeared.

                  Two eyes then went home because it had gotten quite late. When she arrived, outside the door there was an old dirty plate with a few scraps on it for her to eat. Two Eyes being full, left the scraps alone. She didn’t want to touch them after her nice meal.

                  The next morning, she woke up early and went to visit her goat. Leaving behind the breakfast scraps her family left her. At first her family didn’t notice. Later however they began to notice that Two Eyes was not eating the scraps. They thought that there must have been something funny going on. That Two Eyes was obviously getting her food from somewhere and they wanted to know from where.

                  The next day when Two Eyes went to go take care of her goat, her sister One Eye told her that she would be joining her. Two Eyes knew that her sister One eye was trying to spy on her, to figure out where she got her food from. Two Eyes took One Eye on a long walk until they were far from There house. One Eye not used to walking so much was very tired. That’s when Two Eyes turned to One Eye and told her to sit and that she Two Eyes will sing to her. Two eyes sang for a bit and One Eye fell deep a sleep in the hot sun.  Once Two Eyes saw that One eye was safely asleep she went to her goat and told it “Little goat when you are able, come and deck my table”. Just like before a table full of the best foods appeared and Two Eyes ate until she was full. Once she was done she told the goat. “Little goat, when you are able, come and clear away my table”. All of a sudden, the table was gone with no evidence that it had been there at all.

                  Two Eyes then went to go wake up One eye and told her that it was time to go home. After they got home One Eye and her family ate dinner again without Two Eyes. Again, they gave the scraps to Two Eyes, and again Two Eyes didn’t eat them. The family wondered why Two Eyes wasn’t eating her scraps so they turned to ask One Eye if Two Eyes had been eating in the field. One Eye said that she didn’t know because while they were out there she, One Eye fell asleep.

                  The next day the mother who also was wondering where Two Eyes was eating, sent Three eyes to go with her out in the field. Two Eyes and Three Eyes went out into the field to take care of their goat and again Two Eyes knew that Three Eyes was sent to spy on her, to find her source of food. So Two Eyes again took Three Eyes and the goat on a long walk. Then Two eyes told Three Eyes that it was time to rest. So they sat in the long grass. Three Eyes being tired fell asleep with two of her eyes, but the third eye stayed awake, pretending to be asleep.  Two Eyes had no idea that Three Eyes was faking being asleep. Two Eyes called the goat and did her routine, the food came, she ate, then told the goat to take it away and the food disappeared. Three Eyes saw all of this. Once Two Eyes was finished she came to wake up Three Eyes and Three eyes pretended to wake up from sleeping.

                  They made it home in time for dinner. The family ate again without Two Eyes and then gave her the scraps from the meal. Again Two Eyes didn’t touch them and went to bed. While Two Eyes was away, Three Eyes told her mom that she knew why Two eyes wasn’t eating. Three Eyes told the Mother of the magic table brought by the goat. That the food it brought was better than anything that the family was eating. This made the mother furious. She went to wake Two Eyes and she yelled at her. Asked who Two Eyes thought she was that she could eat better food than the rest of them. The mother was so angry that she ran out of the house with a knife and stabbed the goat strait in the heart. The goat died instantly. Two Eye saw this and ran into the fields and fell into the long grass and began to cry uncontrollably.

                  Two Eyes still crying looked up and to her surprise the woman was standing there looking at her. Once they made eye contact the woman asked Two Eyes why she was crying. Two Eyes told her the whole story. That Three eyes followed her and betrayed her, that her mother killed the goat. Now she Two Eyes would go back to her days of starving and only eating scraps again.  The woman listened to all of this and once Two Eyes was finished replied. The woman told Two Eyes that she needs to ask her sister for the dead goat. Once she has the goat she needs to take the innards of the goat and burry them in the ground in front of the house door. Two Eyes thanked her and made her way back home.

                  Two eyes made it home and turned to her sister and asked for the dead goat innards. The sister laughed and told her that she could have them and that nobody wanted them. So Two Eyes took them and buried them into the ground at the front door.

                  The next morning when the family all woke up they found at the front door a giant tree. This was no ordinary tree, it had leaves of silver and apples of gold. There was nothing in the world that was as beautiful as the tree, and the value was priceless. None of the family members knew where this tree came from, except for Two Eyes. Two Eyes knew that this tree came from the goat she buried. The mother and other two daughters wanted the apples. The mother told One eye to fetch the apple. One Eye climbed the tree, but whenever she got close to an apple the branch would swing away. One Eye wasn’t able to get a single apple, they all moved out of her reach as she went to grab them.

                  Then the Mother told Three Eyes that she should grab the apple. Again, Three Eyes climbed the tree. Again, every time she got close to a branch with an apple on it the Tree would swing away. Three Eyes had no better luck then One Eye. Tired Three eyes climbed down having received no golden apples.

                  Two Eyes then climbed the tree. As she got close to a branch instead of swinging away the branch came closer to her and dropped the apple into her outstretched hand. Again and again Two Eyes would reach for a golden apple and the tree would give it to her. Holding all her Apples Two Eyes climbed down the tree. The mother took all the apples and gave them to Three Eyes and One Eye. The mother didn’t let Two Eyes keep any apples for herself.

                  While the family were all standing around the tree a Knight was riding past on a horse. The family all saw that the Knight was a handsome man. The Knight asked the Family who this tree belonged too. Three Eyes and One Eye told the Knight that the tree was theirs. The Knight then told them that whoever had a single branch could have anything they wanted in the world. The Knight then asked if he could have a branch. Three Eyes and One Eye Tried to snap a branch off. But as with the apples the branch would move out of reach and they were unable to get any.

                  The Knight disappointed looked around and then saw Two Eyes.  The Knight asked her if maybe she could reach the branch. Two Eyes replied that she could, because the tree belonged to her. Two Eyes climbed up the tree and snapped off a branch. The branch was full of silver leaves and a few golden apples, she gave it to the knight.

                  The knight grateful for the branch turned to Two Eyes and asked what would she like in return. The truth came out from Two Eyes. Two Eyes told the knight that she was suffering. Her family only feed her scrapes and she was always sad, hungry and thirsty. Two Eyes told the Knight that if she could release her and taker her with him that she would be very happy. With that the Knight took Two Eyes on his horse and the Knight and Two Eye rode away. The Knight took Two eye to his father’s home who was the king. Once there Two Eyes was given the best of clothes, she had the best food and drink. Two Eyes and the Knight feel deeply in love and eventually married each other.

                  When Two Eyes Family saw her carried away they were very happy. Not for Two Eye to have a better life, but because they thought that the priceless tree now belonged to them. But the next day when the family woke up the tree was gone. Instead in the castle Two Eyes woke up to find the tree with her. The tree had followed her to her new home.

                  Two eyes lived a long and happy life. She never heard from her sisters or mother gain. Not until two poor women came to the castle to beg for money. Two eyes saw them and as she was reaching to give them some coins she realized that they were her sisters. Two Eyes took the sisters in and promised to take good care of them. The sister filled with grief at how badly they treated Two Eyes in their youth that they apologized for their actions. Two Eyes Accepted their apology, she knew it was true and together the three sister lived happily till the end of their days.

Story Time: Episode One Two Eyes

Story Time: Episode One Two Eyes