3rd annual ASMR Community fundraiser

3rd annual ASMR Community fundraiser

Live to Tape is participating in the 3rd annual ASMR Community fundraiser. Live to Tape produced and exclusive episode of story time only available through this fundraiser.


This year we’re banding together help the non-profit Special Books by Special Kids.


I encourage you to visit their website and learn more about the work they do. Here’s the link




This is an organization dedicated to spreading acceptance for children

 and adults with unique diagnoses or are neuro-divers.


Special Books by Special Kids helps spread awareness and

“Normalizes the Diversity of the Human Condition”

 so that everyone can build a future of acceptance for all and show that it’s all good.


Get access to exclusive ASMR videos by donating $10 or more to Special Books by Special Kids on Crowdrise.

Here’s the link to the Special Books by Special Kids crowdrise fundraiser:



Once donated you’ll receive a link to an unlisted playlist filled with exclusive videos from popular ASMR creators. These include: ASMR Glow, ASMR Zeitgeist, Caroline ASMR, Sophie Michelle ASMR, Matty Tingles, Gwen Gwiz, Hermetic Kitten, IndigoStars, TheOneLilium, ASMR Alysaa, Little Dove, Lune Innate, Queen of Serene, Sasha ASMR, Yvette ASMR, Somni Rosae and more.




This fundraiser is organized by Jellybean Green, her YouTube channel is here:



and more info about this fundraiser from Jellybean Green can be found here:


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