Create Project: Cars Project Live Stream 001 2-5-2019

Create Project: Cars Project Live Stream 001 2-5-2019

If you're interested in the Behind the scenes work of LCD-Productions, which include Thumbs United, Photations, Live To Tape ASMR and Project Aerospace, you can tune in on twitch at the link below Thumbs United Live streams all the post production work live. Creative streams are Wednesday and Friday starting between 9-11pm EST.

Today we started the selection process for the Cars Project. We went through and selected the best photographs from a car museum in California. Then we continued to select the best photos from the 2009, 2013, 2016 and 2019 Detroit North American Auto show.  Then at the end we finished with selecting photographs from the 2014 Grand Prix in Belle Isle Park in Detroit Michigan. All these photographs were taken with a Canon DSLR (35mm). The next time we work on the car project we’ll be selecting photographs shot on medium format film (80mm) as well as Stereoscopic photographs (3D), and 3D VR Photos.

In the near future, we’ll be color grading all the DSLR Photographs, then restoring some of the Medium format films (mainly just removing dust from the scanned negative). Once we selected the VR and 3D photographs that’s it for them. The 3D and VR has to be color graded in the video editor that we’ll be using.

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Cars Project Live Stream 002 2-06-2019

Cars Project Live Stream 002 2-06-2019

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