Patreon Early Access  Flow ASMR: Vicki Barr and the Clue of the Golden Coin Chapter 13 4K UHD

Patreon Early Access Flow ASMR: Vicki Barr and the Clue of the Golden Coin Chapter 13 4K UHD

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Flow ASMR takes you on a gentle smooth timeless journey around parks, cities and wilderness. While listening to narrated classic books presented in a binaural ASMR style.This series features the book: Vicki Barr Air Stewardess Series: The Clue of the Golden Coin by Helen Wells. This book was published in 1958. It tells the story of Vicki Barr and her cunning, heroic and intuitive detective work in search of mysterious stolen golden coins.

This series of Flow ASMR features the journey through the Genesee Recreational area in late autumn. Here you’ll find leafless trees and a path surrounded by ponds and lakes. This is a park found in Michigan in Genesee county.

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