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Project Aerospace Collectors Edition One

“With hard work and a little luck humanities destiny lies amongst the stars” –Project Aerospace

Soar over the skies during the summer heat. Fly over frozen rivers and waterfalls. View the autumn trees from new heights. This photo-book will take you to all these places and beyond.

Project Newfoundland Photo-book

Photations by the Master of Art is creative site that believes that anyone with the desire to create and practice art can become the Master.

Project Newfoundland is the journey through Canada with the goal of reaching the final destination of Newfoundland.

This is a pure photography book, simply of photographs.  The first 8 chapter feature photographs shot on Digital 35mm and Chapters 9-25 feature photography from our documentary “Project Newfoundland” and our visual audio book “Pam the Pioneer”, both can be found on our Photations YouTube Channel.