If you want a heart pumping adventure documentary then Meru is the film for you. This Film Has breathtaking shots of mountain-scapes as well as computer enhance scenes. Meru is a film about the impossible climb up the fin of the Meru mountain.


This Film Starts of with the prep and the climbers describe how no one was able to climbs this mountain before. Dew to the hardest part of the climb being at the very beginning of the mountain while the climbers have the most equipment and food supplies. This makes it extremely difficult to carrie essentially strait up.


For the first half of these show we watch as world renowned climber Conrad Anker and Jimmy Chin and Renan Ozturk at the same time we get dialog from the climbs as they describe what was going through their mind as the made the climb.


Through out the assent there are incredible scenes of the Himalayan mountain ranges and star filled sky. The photography alone will keep you on the edge of your seat. The Face that these climbers are on the face of a vertical wall will keep you on your toes even more.


Tragically the First climb does not succeed and they decide to call it quits dew to poor timing even though they are a mere yards from the top. The story however continues. For a time these three Climbs go there separate ways. Until Jimmy gets a client to film on another mountain range. Jimmy invites Renan to come with him. Unfortunately while they are skiing and snowboarding down Renan Ski's scratch as he makes a turn and his injuries are severe. So much so that the doctors believe that he will never walk again. This Film now transforms into an inspirational Journey of the recovery of Renan. Both Jimmy and Conrad Don't have the heart to tell him that he should not come with them to Meru for their second attempt. But as they continue is is apparent that Renan is making a strong recovery.


A problem with Renan recovery however is that a blood vessel in he brain has been so severely damaged that it does not supply his brain with blood any more. This means that the odd's of Renan having a stroke on the mountains in a low oxygen environment is now extremely high.


So now with even more impossible odds these three climbers make their way back to Meru to climb up the mountain. The excitement is amplified by the fact that Renan could have a stroke at any moment during the climb and both Conrad and Jimmy are Cautious of it.


This film is a film that I would recommend to any one with a love for the out doors. It is a well paced documentary that continues to have you at the edge of your seat through out the film. It will definitely get your adrenalin pumping as you watch these climbers make there way up the mountain of Meru.