Hello My Name is Dorris


Sally Field is an icon of film and television. Staring in such TV shows as Gidget and the Flying Nun, Sally Fields has acted in almost every role. In this movie she plays a woman named Doris who works at an office in New York City entering Data.


The Movie kicks off with the death of Dorris' mother. From the beginning it shows the difficult relationship between her sibling brother and his wife. From the beginning of this movie you get the impression that Dorris is an out sider from her work. She is one of the oldest theres and does not enjoy some of the changes that the staff make to her working arrangements. However the movie plot is about a young man she meets in the hallway who you might recognize as Schmidt from the TV show New Girl none other then Max Greenfield. John Fremont (Max Greenfield) is a new addition to the workplace having moved in from southern California. Immediately upon their meeting in the elevator Dorris finds that she is becoming deeply attracted to him.


Through out this movie we experience Dorris Daydreams/Delusions of romantic pursuit towards John (The much younger man). These Day dreams are done in such a way that not only catch you off guard when they are not real. Which is revealed almost immediately after the Daydream ends. But it also keep you on your toes constantly watching to see if what you are watching is a Daydream or reality.


This Movie has several cringe-y moments that are both funny and make you wonder if the slightly delusional Doris Might have a chance at winning over John. John through out this movie is very likable and it is very easy to see how his kindness could be mistaken for romantic gestures.


Two Thirds of this movie is Dorris in pursuit of John. The final third focus on Dorris Character. And her coming to terms with her lifestyle choices as well as coming to terms with her life decision of taking care of her mother in her last years.


This movie is very much a roller coaster. Watching it you feel hopeful at Dorris' attempts of a relationship but at other times cringe as you watch Doris go through hard times. Through out this movie Dorris wins you over and almost holds the audience as a cheerleader for Dorris' Achievements through out.


If you want to watch a good romantic comedy. Then this is the movie for you. The acting is good and you can't help but to feel emotionally connected to all of the characters and root for there goals.