Day 0: Traveling 8-12-2011


The Day started and we were already late. The first half of the day was running around and double checking that every ones equipment as well as my own was packed properly. Then we made our way to the airport and when we got there we only had an hour to get on the plane, which was not good because they considered our flight international even through we had another connecting plane to catch in Chicago.

We made it through security and they were very kind. Then we went to wait on the benches next to our gate. It was there that we realized we forgot the original Itinerary for this trip and that had every thing our hotel reservations and where we would be going though out the entire trip. fortunately we had copies and every ones phone number so when we called as the plane was loading with passengers, we were reassured by the company that everything was taken care of.

The plane ride to Chicago went very smoothly. once there we had two hours to eat. We ended up eating at an Macaroni grill (A family favorite) but they refused to give us macaroni. which I though was very odd. then we ran over to to our gate, which was at the opposite end of the airport.

We did have to leave the secure zone in order to take the metro. and then go back though security (again not a problem) made it to the gate just as they line to board the plane was being formed.

The trip from Chicago to Istanbul (Turkey) was around 10 hours. For the first three hours I was getting comfortable and watching the airplane films. There vegetarian was extremely good. And right after fell into a deep sleep.

when I fully woke up we were only and hour out. we landed and took a van to our hotel. there we ate and double checked what we had be for we went to bed.