An advantage large format film is that it allows for printing larger images. with 35mm 16X24 inches is as large as you’d go be for seeing quality loss. 70mm, also known as medium format was designed for large prints. any where from 30X40 inches to 80X160 inch. 


Medium format cameras were designed for studio work. products and Fashion. The Final product for Medium format projects are usually high quality professional art work and advertisements. 


The other feature of larger format film is the way depth is changed. when you would use a 50mm lens on a 35mm camera this is a telephoto lens. that same lens on a medium format camera is a wide angel lens. this means that you can have a wider field of view with out the distortion of a wide angle lens. on top of that medium format lens produce shallower depths of field with wider lens. on a 35mm camera with a 18mm lens every thing is in focus. Similar to the way a camera phone has every thing in focus. No separation for the subject and the background. Even though a 50mm is a wider angle on a medium format camera you still get the subject and background separation or blurred background you would get from a telephoto lens on a 35mm lens.