Why would some one in this day and age even consider using film? The answer is quality. With digital each photo is a grid of squares called pixels. One pixel could be blue, the next red, or one green. all together they make a collage that is the photo. But each pixel has a limited number Values. For example each pixel could only be 10 different Shades of red. When in fact our eyes can see 40 shades of red.


With film the opposite is true Film reacts to light. each grain on the film has an unlimited range colors it can capture, this is because it is chemical process that is not limited to the cameras processor or the speed of memory card.

Film also has Layers. A layer for green light, a layer for red light, and a layer for blue light. Even with black and white there are still the layers of film. These however react by different shades of gray. This is another strong 


point of film it has the ability to display an infinite higher range of shades, Tones, and tints. Unlike digital which is very limited in what it can reproduce. Often times digital will show these traits when trying take a photo in the car. the people inside the car will look okay but everything outside the window will be blown out white or unrecognizable colors. with film you would be less

likely to have this problems.