Lloyd Douglas
Development Cycle

                    plans to concider.


    The first thing that needs to be done is to create an application for both phones and tablets. both for android and the Apple devices. the app that is created is a file system app with focus several key features.
    #1. File system
        A.file search: search for any file with in the application.
        B. icons and preview: you can preview a document with out  opening it as well as 
        through out the system
        C. File Lock prevents any one from downloading the contents of that folder/file 
        both inside the app or on the itunes transfer and wifi transfers
        D. Wifi sharing. users can log into the device and have it download(internet to             device)/upload(computer to device) files through a Wifi connection.
        E. File support. all editable  file can saved as PDF that can be rendered to different
        dimensions. (txt, rtf, docx, PDF annotate)
        F. Multi-Media: mov. mp4. m4v. video support (with video looping)  Mp3. wave             audio support
#2 Mirri SYTM
        A. video Editor (with cloud help) users can perform cutting of video mixing and             matching of scenes and text insurrection. cloud features allow for coloring. edge 
        detections. and exposer change
        B. Audio editor. 3D audio rendering for stero. 5.1 and 7.1 
        C. FOTO books. a image creation tool to create pages and books this generates 
        PDFs and FOB files that can sent to computers to be worked on else where. these
        FOB can be put up for sell in the Mirri Store where they can be sold others can 
#3.  Parchment
        A text editor