Graphical Games with C++


each function will be sent the 2D Array then Each Function will Draw it's Object onto the screen.

Each Function will also be sent two sets of Numbers, The X and Y Coordinates. These will tell the Function where to place there Objects, this is also used for the animation. Of charaters.

each Function can also Containe Diffrent Version of the same objects. this can be used for walking animations 


Things that this program will need,

Physics Engine.

this engine will be responcible for genrating the animation of the World moving and the placement of objects.

Game Engine.

This will Hold the Score, The interaction, and The AI openents.


To Build the Game There needs to be some application for Graphic Development

1st is the World Map. this contains all the backgrounds for the world.

2nd Platform designer. this makes all the platform that the player can walk on.

3rd is the character animation Creates each Frame for the movements for animation walking and other actions.

4th is Game Objects, interacting objects power ups.

5th Audio Qs this is when the game gets the Audio Files. MIDI or AAC files 

These will Generate the Game Files in order for the game to run