Lloyd Douglas
Extra Credit  IT Career Overview

It was interesting to here that most of the employeers never asked for any certifications when hireing. I was also interested in hearing that it is not just the technical information that some one knows they are also interested if you have good social skills. I also was serprised to hear how many of them use virtual machines and what they use them for. I Most admir Amazon's aproch to software development. Which in a nutshell is they don't care what language you write your software in as long as it can accempt networks request and run on linux it is okay. I also noticed the strong enfisis that they put on version control, and how they admitted that even they have accedently erased years worth of data, but were saved because of it. It was also good to know that not all companys will required pull crazy hours like a silicon vally start up would. that they have two week sprints where they get a list of things to do and then  they do it. The Last thing that they said that I thought was the most important and could not be more true is keep learning.  when they graduated from college all the tech the learned is now obsolute. The tech Indistry is fast one year for us is 10 years for a computer. New tech comes and sometimes it stays, but more often then not it just disapears.