CHANGE LOG 4.9.2016

Design Change to Photations MkI and Photations Mk II

CHANGE LOG 4.4.2016

New Photations added to Spotlight and to Photation Mk II

CHANGE LOG 3.25.2016

NEW movie review "The lady in the van" added

New movie review "Hello my name is Dorris" added

First Season of Photations has been completed, all Photations are viewable MK1

CHANGE LOG 3.2.2016

SPOTLIGHT home page added Link

CHANGE LOG 2.15.2016

PHOTATION of British Virgin island released LINK

CHANGE LOG (2.11.2016)

New Information added to the following pages.

Alaska Wilderness LINK

Alaska Glacier LINK

CHANGE LOG (2.9.2016)

New Information added for the following pages

Flint Michigan LINK

Orvieto Italy LINK

Fiesole Italy LINK

Chicago LINK

Master of art Sale 50% off all photographs LINK

Photation Added to the Master Photograph Photations Collections LINK


Master Photographs