Alaskan Wilderness


Alaska is located east of Canada and borders both the yukon territory and British Colombia. Alaska touches the Arctic Ocean to the north and the pacific ocean to the south. Alaska is both the largest state in the United states and also has the 3rd least amount of people in it. Most of Alaska economy comes from Oil, Natural Gas and fishing. There is also a large tourist and Military presents in Alaska.

Alaska was purchased from the Russian Empire on march 30,1867 for 7.2 Million dollars. Which is around 2 cents per acre.It took some time for the united states to organize Alaska into a state. First it was a territory. Then it wasn't until 1959 that Alaska was made the 49th state.


The name Alaska Comes from the Russian colonial period. Literally it means object to where the sea is directed, but also means Great Land. Alaska is 500 Miles away from Washington that is it's closest state and in between there is Canada more specifically British Colombia.


Alaska is The largest state in the United States. The second Largest is Texas however you could fill two Texas sized states into the space that Alaska Occupies. Alaska also has the Highest mountain range in the US which is in the Denali National Park reserve. Alaska also has 34,000 Miles of shore line, as well as volcanos. Alaska also has over 3 million lakes. On top of that Alaska has the larges tidal changes in the world where there is 35 feet difference between low tide and high tide. 65% of Alaska is owned by the united states government.